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Dr. Athba Bint Thamer Al Thani
Executive Committee
Dr. Athba Bint Thamer Al Thani

Chief Administration & Business Development Officer

Dr. Athba Bint Thamer Al-Thani is an accomplished professional who has excelled in blending academic brilliance with exemplary leadership in the corporate sphere. A distinguished honoree from Qatar University’s Art Department, she emerged with honors in 2002, marking the beginning of a vibrant career journey. Initially imparting her knowledge as an art teacher in Doha, Dr. Al-Thani transitioned to the corporate world, joining QDVC in 2010. She rapidly ascended to the role of Chief Support Services Officer in 2012, skillfully overseeing Qatarization, QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment), Sustainable Development, and IT departments. Her academic pursuits continued in tandem with her professional endeavors, culminating in an MBA from the prestigious HEC Paris.

This was followed by a Doctorate in Business Administration from the Paris School of Business, further solidifying her expertise in business management and strategy. In her most recent professional evolution, Dr. Al-Thani has been appointed as Chief Administration & Business Development Officer. In this expanded role, she is tasked with the strategic oversight of QDVC’s HO Administration , encompassing Purchases, External Relations, Stakeholder Management, Payroll/ESOB, Government Relations, and the full spectrum of Corporate HR matters. Her acumen in Stakeholder Management and External Relations is instrumental in upholding QDVC’s corporate governance and Administration to the utmost standards. Furthermore, she is entrusted with the vital responsibility of coordinating the re-engagement of QDVC staff by shareholders, ensuring the company’s growth and sustainable development align with the needs and values of its stakeholders.