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HR Development
QDVC HR Development

QDVC prioritizes employee engagement and workplace management to cultivate lasting relationships. The company has implemented various tools and practices to enhance employee engagement, such as offering a personalized welcome to new hires and conducting individual interviews and performance appraisals. These initiatives are designed to make employees feel valued and integrated into the company culture.

In terms of workplace management, QDVC provides an integration path that helps employees adapt to the organizational environment. This is complemented by opportunities for functional and/or geographical mobility, allowing for a dynamic and flexible workplace management strategy. Targeted training programs are also part of QDVC’s approach to workplace management, aimed at equipping employees with the skills they need to excel in their roles.

Together, these initiatives in employee engagement and workplace management form the cornerstone of a long-term relationship between QDVC and its employees, ensuring both personal and professional development within the organization.