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Lusail Light Railway Transit System (LRT)

Project Summary

The Lusail Light Railway Transportation System has been commissioned by the Qatar Railway Company to provide an efficient and pleasurable transportation system for the people living in, and commuting to, Lusail City.

Lusail Light Railway transit system project (LRT) has four main operating lines with a total of 28 km, 28 trams and up to 28 stations. The trams are provided with traction power from either an overhead catenary system (rigid rail fixed to the ceiling of the tunnel) or from a third rail in the middle of the track.

Project Details
Qatar Rail Company
QDVC 60% & Alstom 40%
Start date:
Finish date:
4 main operating lines
28 stations
1 Viaduct

The Lusail LRT has been delivered in distinct phases

The initial Phase 2A comprised of the excavation works for the tunnels which commenced in March 2009 and were completed in November 2010.

The second construction Phase 2B, which started in March 2010 and completed in November 2013, consisted of the cut-and-cover tunnel construction.

In October 2011, the third phase was launched comprising the excavation and construction of the underground station boxes. To which the Legtaifiya Interchange station, was added in February 2013 and completed in March 2017.

Project Mission

The final phases of works packages are designated as being Phases 2C2 and 2C3, and include all of the remaining works necessary to deliver a fully operational railway. Delivered in a Consortium with ALSTOM, this comprises the depot and all associated facilities and equipment, architectural and MEP works, track work, HV, LV and traction power supplies, signaling, communication and control systems and rolling stock.

Phase 2C2 is at the completion stage and Phase 2C3 is planned to be complete by mid-2020.