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About Us
QDVC Business Model
Our Strategy

Skill Development

Continuously cultivate a skilled and competitive team of experts to enhance service quality, satisfy clients, and support Qatar’s development, positioning us as a construction, facilities management and car park management company.

Technological Advancement

Maintain a leading-edge position in technology adoption in various areas like building automation, energy efficiency and ensuring a proactive approach to staying ahead in the industry.

Social Responsibility

We wholeheartedly embrace our social responsibility, actively engage with local communities to understand their needs, and champion the growth of the local economy. Through these concerted efforts, we are dedicated to making a positive and lasting impact on Qatar’s sustainable development, ensuring a brighter future for all

Leading by Example

We are committed to setting industry benchmarks as a contractor and employer consistently upholding the highest standards of excellence in all our endeavours. Our dedication to excellence is not just a goal; it’s our guiding principle.

Local Economic Growth

Passionately promote local economic sustainability by expanding operations within Qatar and fostering collaborations with local resources, alongside established international suppliers and partners.

Sustainability  Commitment

Demonstrate  commitment  to  sustainability  by  emphasizing building automation, and energy efficiency, and establishing ourselves as aholistic facilities management and car park management company.

Exemplary Leadership (Lead by Example): Setting the benchmark for excellence and innovation as we venture into new domains, mirroring our achievements in construction and infrastructure development, with a focus on building automation and e nergy efficiency.

Our Principles

Collaborative Growth (Work Together):  Emphasizing collaboration as we expand into new horizons – facilities management and car park management while upholding our status as a reputed construction company.

Collective Success (Succeed Together)Leveraging our collective achievements in construction and infrastructure development to effectively manage these projects for sustained success, emphasizing building automation and energy efficiency.

Social Responsibility:  Maintaining an unwavering commitment to social responsibility, a cornerstone of our operations across all sectors, including our roles as a facilities management and car park management company.