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About Us
QDVC Identity
At QDVC, our vision has always been to be a responsible leader in alignment with Qatar’s National Vision 2030. As we continue to share our experience and promote synergies with the local community, we are also exploring new avenues where our expertise can generate long- term premium value for our clients.
Our commitment to being the company of choice in Qatar remains steadfast as we look to the future.
Our mission to operate a well-structured, sustainable business model remains unchanged. We are proud of our high-performance culture that focuses on designing, constructing, and operating Qatar’s major infrastructure projects.
As we look ahead, we see opportunities to apply our proven expertise in new, yet closely related sectors, always with the aim of maintaining long-term relationships and providing the highest level of satisfaction to our clients and employees.



Our six core values guide us in all our endeavours:

Adapting to Your Needs

We understand our clients’ needs and expectations, striving continuously to achieve their satisfaction throughout the project lifecycle. Our know-how and technological expertise enable us to create tailor-made solutions that meet specific project needs while adhering to ethical standards, sustainability, and compliance. This client-centric approach equips us to adapt and offer specialized solutions in emerging areas, ensuring we not only meet but also exceed client expectations in terms of sustainability and compliance.

 Elevating Performance Across Sectors

Our top priority is our projects, and our team consistently strives for improvement and innovation to enhance the experience for our clients and end-users while promoting

sustainability. Through our organization-wide process approach, risk management, and quality culture, we collectively enhance overall performance. This unwavering commitment to excellence empowers us to adapt and excel in new sectors, further elevating the performance and sustainable value we deliver to our clients.

Empowered for Diverse Challenges

We encourage teamwork, cooperation, and individual responsibility for actions. Our employees are empowered with autonomy and resources to perform their tasks. This culture of accountability ensures the same level of responsibility and excellence, whether in current projects or diversified service offerings.

Nurturing Talent Across Sectors

We value our people, encourage their development, and reward good performance while ensuring strict compliance with regulations. In return, our staff are dedicated to the success of our projects. This unwavering commitment to employee recognition, development, and

compliance remains, ensuring our team excels in new and emerging areas.

Expanding Our Impact

We prioritize safety, health, and environmental stewardship in our corporate social responsibility efforts, including fostering local expertise through Qatarization. This reflects our commitment to sustainability as we venture into new sectors, extending from construction to the communities we serve.

A Foundation Across Sectors

We uphold ethical standards, transparency, human rights, and employee well-being, in full compliance with regulations. We promote equal opportunities, honesty, and respect for all. Expanding into new service areas, our foundational commitment to integrity and compliance ensures trust and ethical standards in all our endeavours.