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QDVC Corporate Social Responsibility
Elevating Sustainability and Compliance through Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Endeavours

At QDVC, sustainability and compliance are more than just buzzwords; they are the pillars of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy. Our Code of Ethics ensures that compliance is deeply ingrained in every aspect of our business, while our focus on s ustainability aims to minimize our environmental impact. Together, these elements form the core of our commitment to responsible business practices and our ethos of “nurturing human well- being.”

Sustainability in Employee Well-being
We are committed to creating a work environment that thrives on mutual respect and offers equal opportunities for career advancement, devoid of discrimination. Our sustainability efforts extend to maintaining the highest standards of health, safety, and security in the workplace.
Compliance with Legal Norms
Our dedication to compliance is unwavering, as we strictly adhere to all relevant laws and regulations in our countries of operation. This commitment to c ompliance ensures that our business activities are always above board, eliminating the risk of unlawful engagements.
Sustainability in Environmental Practices
Our sustainability initiatives are aimed at environmental conservation and stakeholder engagement. We focus on eco-efficiency to minimize our environmental footprint across all business activities. By steadfastly adhering to these principles, QDVC is setting new standards in s ustainability and
compliance, ensuring a future that is both ethical and environmentally responsible
Fair Business Practices
We maintain fair and honest relationships with all our stakeholders, including customers and suppliers. This is in line with our commitment to compliance with all contractual obligations and applicable laws.
Asset Protection and Sustainability
Employees are responsible for safeguarding both tangible and intangible company assets. Our sustainability initiatives include ensuring that these assets are never used for unlawful activities or purposes unrelated to our core business operations.
Transparency, Internal Control, and Compliance
We are committed to recording all business activities and transactions with complete accuracy and transparency. This not only ensures compliance but also facilitates internal auditing to identify and address any shortcomings.
Confidentiality and Compliance
We enforce strict confidentiality measures to protect sensitive company information. These measures are in compliance with legal requirements and extend beyond the period of employment to prevent unauthorized disclosures.
Anti-Corruption and Compliance
We have a zero-tolerance approach towards corruption in any form. Our anti-corruption policies align with international standards, including the United Nations Convention against Corruption, ensuring compliance and transparency in all our dealings.
Avoiding Conflicts of Interest
Our employees are counselled to avoid any situations where their personal or financial interests could conflict with those of the company. This is crucial for maintaining both
compliance with ethical standards and the integrity of our operations.

Recruitment Process

At QDVC, our commitment to sustainability and compliance extends beyond our core
business operations and into our recruitment process. We believe that ethical recruitment is a cornerstone of a sustainable and compliant organizational culture. Our recruitment
procedures are designed to respect individual rights and ensure fair employment practices, aligning with our overarching goals of sustainability and compliance.
Our comprehensive assessment in 2015 refined and monitored our recruitment process to make it transparent, fair, and aligned with our sustainability and compliance objectives. We don’t charge any fees to candidates relocating to work at our sites, promoting fair labour practices and social equity.
Our recruitment process is continually evolving to incorporate best practices and feedback to ensure compliance and improve working conditions.

Workers’ Welfare Committees

At QDVC, sustainability and compliance are central to our ethos, especially in enhancing employee welfare. Our Workers’ Welfare Committees are a prime example of this commitment, serving as a platform for regular dialogue and training.
Initiated with semi-annual meetings, the frequency increased to bi-monthly in 2014 to cover broader topics, reinforcing our focus on sustainability and compliance.
The first committee elections were held in 2016, followed by specialized training from Building and Wood Workers’ International (BWI) in 2018. By 2019, training was extended to subcontractor and manpower provider representatives, further emphasizing our commitment to compliance and sustainability.QDVC’s Workers’ Welfare Committees exemplify our dedication tosustainability andcompliance. Through regular meetings and inclusive training, we continually enhance employee welfare while upholding responsible business practices.

Civic Projects

Annual Beach Clean-Up
Our Annual Beach Clean-Up event is more than just a day at the beach; it’s a powerful statement of our commitment to sustainability and compliance. Aligned with the Qatar National Vision 2030 and supported by the Ministry of Municipality and Environment, this
initiative is a step towards a cleaner, more sustainable future for all.

Blood Donation:

Our annual blood donation drive is a testament to QDVC’s commitment to s ustainability and
compliance. It aims to make a lasting impact on community health while adhering to the highest standards.
QDVC’s annual blood donation campaign exemplifies our dedication to sustainability and compliance. This initiative focuses on the ease and importance of blood donation, impacting lives in a meaningful way.

BWI Audit Report