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Commitment to Staff Development and Business Success

QDVC emphasizes the importance of staff development as a cornerstone for achieving consistent and sustained business success. The QDVC Skills Academy is central to the company’s medium and long-term strategy, aiming to provide an educated, capable, and motivated workforce that ensures the future of the business.

Technical Skills Training and Occupational Health and Safety

With an eye on rapid growth in the coming years, QDVC has established a strong commitment to train and develop all employees. The Skills Academy offers Technical Skills Training that covers a broad spectrum of modules. These modules focus not only on technical skills but also on occupational health and safety. Topics include System Formwork, Carpentry – Concreting, Steel Fixing, Masonry – Block laying and plastering, Basic Scaffolding, Advanced Scaffolding, Supervisory Skills, Drawing Interpretation, Surveying Skills, Banks man, and Safety Modules. Occupational health and safety are integrated into each of these modules, ensuring that employees are well-versed in safe practices.

Fostering a Culture of Safety and Productivity

The Skills Academy aims to instil a culture of safety and productivity within work teams. It focuses on ensuring that tasks are completed within the required timeframe, with occupational health and safety, as well as quality, at the forefront of all activities.

Training Levels and Locations

The training modules are categorized into Basic, Intermediate, or Advanced levels, and the duration varies between 2 to 3 days per module. Training can be conducted at the QDVC training centre in the Alkhor Community, and some modules, especially those related to occupational health and safety, can also be conducted on-site.

Orchestra: In-House Training Program

Orchestra is an in-house training program designed to prepare junior Engineers and site managers to share a common culture within the company. It also aims to formalize and ensure the transmission of knowledge, including best practices in occupational health and safety. The Methods Departments are crucial in QDVC’s activities and serve as a mandatory component for the Safety, Quality, and Productivity of all sites. Over 150 staff from various projects have participated in this program in the last four years.