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Our Workforce is the Foundation of Our Success

QDVC firmly believes that its workforce is the cornerstone of its success. The company is committed to enhancing the workplace experience by focusing on the capabilities, responsibility, and motivation of its employees. The aim is to align these factors with the company’s corporate goals and objectives, thereby enriching the overall workplace experience.

Employee Welfare

QDVC has designed an environment that prioritizes employee welfare, ensuring the best working conditions where employees can excel professionally and enhance their performance. The company adheres to the Qatar Foundation Mandatory Standards for housing and offers international catering. Additionally, a comprehensive mental health program is in place, which includes buddies, in-house counselors, and psychological support, all aimed at improving the workplace experience.

Employee Development
QDVC’s commitment to building a real partnership with its employees has led the company to develop various tools and practices. These are designed to provide employees with the support and assistance they need to progress and develop within the organization. Initiatives include a personalized welcome, an integration path, individual interviews, and appraisals, as well as functional and/or geographical mobility and targeted training programs. These initiatives form the cornerstone of a long-term relationship and an enhanced workplace experience.
Employer Brand
QDVC’s focus on employee welfare and development has resulted in strong outcomes, as evidenced by increased employee survey results. About 78% of employees have a good or very good impression of the company, and the average retention rate is nearly 6 years. These efforts have been acknowledged with the Best Employer Brand Award in 2019 and 2020, further solidifying QDVC’s reputation for an excellent workplace experience.
The company employs 788 staff and laborers.
Gender Diversity : 21% of the employees are female, excluding laborers.
The workforce is diverse, representing 40 different nationalities.